Having a dead or damaged cell phone battery can leave you disconnected from your work and friends. We all need a reliable, working mobile phone. That’s why our cell phone battery replacement service is one of the fastest growing areas of our business.

Few businesses carry the number of cell phone batteries that we do or can order new or refurbished batteries that can help get your device working again. It is why we are among the most trusted cell phone repair retailers in Southeast Michigan.

Cell phone batteries can die fast

The first sign that your mobile phone battery is in trouble is when your cell phone charges slowly. From there, your cell phone battery can die at any time – even overnight. When that happens, the professionals at Phone Clinic are there to help.

There are many reasons that cell phone batteries don’t last as long as they did in past years:

  • The advancements in phone technology put added stress on your mobile phone battery.
  • Cell phones need to run multiple apps and features throughout the day.
  • Consumers watch more videos on their phones today.
  • Consumers who keep their cell phones charged unnecessarily will wear down the battery over time.
  • Lithium batteries diminish over time with each charge cycle.

We have been helping our customers find replacement batteries for their iPhones or Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, and Android phones from any manufacturer for many years.

There is a solution if your cell phone battery dies

Finding a cell phone battery replacement solution near you can be a challenge. Cell phone batteries dying fast is a common issue for many consumers, particularly those who are using an older mobile phone make and model.

Fortunately, Phone Clinic’s team knows exactly how to handle an iPhone battery replacement need. We carry a full range of manufacturer batteries in stock from a wide variety of manufacturers. We can also replace batteries on your Apple iPad and many other tablet brands. There are hundreds of different cell phone batteries that our consumers need every year.

Finding the right battery for your phone can be overwhelming

With so many types of lithium batteries being used in cell phones today, it can be difficult to know for certain which battery is the one you need to order. As the solution provider for your cell phone battery replacement, we take great pride in finding a solution so you can get your phone back in working order. If we don’t have the battery in stock, we can order it for you!

Best of all, we’ll find a high-quality, affordable replacement battery for your cell phone so you can get back to working and playing with your mobile phone at full capacity. You don’t need to search for hours online only to find you ordered the wrong battery. At Phone Clinic, the right battery will be provided every time.

Where can I find the right cell phone battery replacement provider?

Look no further than one of our four convenient locations in Metro Detroit for the answer to your cell phone questions. Our full-service retail centers in Commerce, Novi, Rochester, or Southfield can assist you for any cell phone battery replacement needs.

As with any service Phone Clinic provides, we make it easy for you to get your mobile phone battery replaced or fixed. If it can be fixed, we have experienced technicians who can handle the job. If not, we’ll start the process of finding your replacement cell phone battery by phone or in-person at any of our Southeastern Michigan locations. All of our technicians are trained by Apple certified technicians and must complete our online training through Phone Clinic University prior to hiring.

You can also connect with us directly online to start a repair order. Just provide the make and model of your phone, and we will provide you with all the options available to you.