Some of the most important information about our lives resides on our cell phones. So, when your phone breaks, gets wet, or just stops working and you need to find someone to perform cell phone data recovery services, trust the professionals at Phone Clinic repair Center.

That’s because our team can recover phone data when all seems lost. Without access to your contacts, calendar, email, and apps, it may feel overwhelming to accomplish even simple work tasks or make personal calls to friends and family members in your network. Our cell phone repair and data experts have the knowledge and technology to provide the complete phone recovery you need.

Data recovery is possible for our customers

Cell phone data recovery near Southeast Michigan is possible in most cases. Every situation is different depending on the nature of the damage, but if your cell phone can be mounted as a drive, or contains a memory card, our success rate is extremely high.

We can recover a wide range of data from saved images to text messages and music. This is true even if you did not regularly back up the data on your iPhone or Android. Simply by getting access to your cell phone, our team of trained pros can find lost videos, emails, and even all the apps you have downloaded. Simply put, Phone Clinic can recover phone data that you thought might be gone forever.

Do-it-yourself cell phone recovery services rarely work

It is understandable if you panic when faced with the loss of the data on your cell phone for any reason. Once this happens, it is common to go online and, in an effort, to find a quick solution, you may follow bad advice, such as putting your water-damaged phone in a bowl of rice for hours at a time or download some questionable free software that could do even more damage.

Attempting do-it-yourself cell phone data recovery on your smartphone can further damage the device, rendering the data completely irrecoverable. So, don’t trust your cell phone data recovery needs to anyone. If something happens, contact the professionals at Phone Clinic where we have a high rate of success.

The process of cell phone data recovery is easy with Phone Clinic

Phone Clinic has four convenient locations to serve our Southeastern Michigan customers so you can bring your broken iPhone or Android into any one of our stores. Call ahead and let us know you are on your way or make an appointment that works with your schedule.

If you can’t get to one of our locations in metro Detroit, no problem! Recovering phone data is possible if you mail your cell phone to one of our locations and call us ahead of time to let us know it is on the way. From common issues like a wet iPhone or broken Android data extraction to the rare instance of a sudden and unexplained power loss, phone recovery of your lost data is possible in a timely manner.

Learn more by visiting our Commerce, Novi, Rochester, or Southfield locations. Our staff of experienced professionals will make sure we make every attempt to find the lost data you need to get your life back to normal.