We have the experience and knowledge at Phone Clinic to repair most Motorola cell phone models for customers throughout Southeast Michigan. It helps that we carry the correct parts for Motorola phone repairs and that we handle them in-house, rather than farming it out to a third party, so you can be sure the job is completed right the first time.

Whether you have a Moto Z4 or need a Moto G Stylus screen replacement, handling your Motorola repair is an easy and hassle-free process with the help of Phone Clinic. Since 2012, our Motorola repair experts have been the trusted source for all Motorola cell phone repairs, often within 30 minutes or less.

Contact us to confirm that we can fix your Motorola cell phone and how long the repair may take by filling out our convenient online form.

Most Motorola Phones Can Be Repaired

If you need Battery Repair and Replacement, or batteries for your Motorola phone, we can help! This is a common repair need that may first be discovered once you notice your phone charging slowly or that your battery is quickly draining. We will assess your Motorola cell phone and determine if a repair is possible or if it is in your best interest to purchase a new battery.

Chances are you may rely on your Motorola phone to connect with your family, friends, and work colleagues. So when you are unable to access email, texts or other types of data, it can be extremely stressful. Fortunately, the certified technicians can provide Cell Phone Data Recovery at a very high success rate. After all, why trust your data to an unverified source that “may” be able to find the most important data that you need?

As we all know accidents happen, and even though some Motorola phones have waterproof features, being submerged in water for an extended period may require assessment from a professional. You can get Water Damaged Cell Phone Repair services to see if your phone is salvageable, and fix any issues possible, whether you have a Moto Z4, Moto G Stylus, E Series or Z Series Motorola phone.

Finally, there can be a wide range of other Motorola repairs needed that the professionals at Phone Clinic can assist with, such as regular issues turning your phone on or off, your Moto cell phone speaker is not working, or your charging port needs a thorough cleaning or replacement. Your Motorola cell phone is a big investment and even basic maintenance and repairs can help it last as long as you need it.

There are a seemingly unlimited number of Motorola cell phones still circulating in the market today. Among the specific Moto devices that we can fix include the following:

Moto G Series phones

  • G100
  • G60
  • G50
  • G40
  • G30
  • G20
  • G10 and G10 Power
  • G Play
  • G Power
  • G Stylus series
  • G 5G series
  • G Fast
  • G9 series (Power, Plus and Play)
  • G8 series
  • G7 series (Supra, Power and Play)
  • G6 series (Plus, Play and G6)
  • G5S and G5S plus
  • G4 Plus and Play

Moto E Series phones

  • E (XT2052)
  • E7 series (Plus, Power, etc.)
  • E6 series (6i, Play, Plus, S, etc.)
  • E5 series (Play Go, Supra, Plus, Play, etc.)
  • E4 series (E4 Plus and E4)
  • E2 and E

Moto Z Series phones

  • Z4
  • Z3 (including Z3 Play)
  • Z2 series (Force and Play)
  • Z Force Droid
  • Z Play Droid
  • Z Droid

Moto One Series phones

  • One 5G
  • One Fusion and Fusion Plus
  • One Hyper
  • One Zoom
  • One Macro
  • One Action
  • One Vision / P50
  • One / P30 Play
  • One Power / P30 Note
  • One / P30

Moto Edge Series phones

  • Edge S, Plus and Edge

Other Motorola cell phones we can fix include Droid, Moto X and M Series phones, Razr 5G and Razr phone and Defy series cell phones. Chances are, if it is a Motorola cell phone in use today, we can provide you with the Motorola repair needed to fix your phone correctly the first time, often within an hour or less!

Motorola repairs are easy with the help of Phone Clinic

Whether you need a Motorola screen replacement or any type of Motorola repair, Moto cell repairs near you are rarely an issue because of the collective expertise of the professionals at Phone Clinic. Visit any of our Southeast Michigan Phone Clinic repair locations in Commerce, Novi,  Rochester and Southfield. We are open seven days a week for Moto Z4 screen replacement, Moto G Power screen replacement, Moto G Stylus screen replacement or any other type of Motorola phone repair.

If you have a Motorola cell phone that needs repairs, Phone Clinic should be your go-to solutions provider. Call any of our four convenient locations and get started on your repair today.