Having a cell phone with broken back glass can not only be embarrassing but it can adversely impact the functionality of your phone’s camera and basic operations. In many ways it is like having a crack in your vehicle’s windshield – at some point you know it will need to be fixed.

Fortunately, the technicians at Phone Clinic can handle any back glass repair needed on your iPhone. We have been conducting back glass replacement repairs on cell phones for our Southeast Michigan customers since the iPhone first added glass to its back cover. We can ensure it is fixed right the first time.

Having glass on the back of your phone looks great, but breaks are common

Most cell phones were made with aluminum backs for many years. Once iPhones were made with glass on the back, the design was widely praised. However, one seemingly harmless drop of your cell phone on a hard surface can cause it to break, something that we find is quite common. Trying to make the repair on your own is difficult and can become quite costly if you don’t have the experience needed. You can start your used iPhone repair order on our website.

Your broken back glass can also increase the chances of injury or further damage

It may seem hard to believe that having the back of your iPhone cracked could result in an injury to you, but any glass that is loose could cut your hand, especially if you are reaching for your cell phone in your pocket or purse.

Additionally, having an iPhone with broken back glass removes a significant layer of protection for your device. It can make it easier for water or any type of moisture or debris to get inside the glass, harming your phone to the point where it may not work properly. It is important to fix the back of your cracked iPhone glass before this happens, to help you save money, time, and productivity.

Make sure that an experienced technician repairs the broken back glass on your iPhone

There are many businesses that claim they can fix your cracked back iPhone glass efficiently and cost effectively, but at Phone Clinic our professionals are trained to handle these types of repairs – and we do so for customers like you every day. Back glass replacement for your iPhone requires both knowledge and experience. There are many benefits to working with a technician at Phone Clinic for back glass repair work:

  • We guarantee our work, and if you are not satisfied, will fix it again for free.
  • Our repair work is affordable, often costing less than you will find elsewhere.
  • Our turnaround times are faster than many other competitors, and we can often fix it in less than an hour for walk-ins.
  • If we need to order a part for it, we know we can fix it – even for significant iPhone back glass cracks.
  • While fixing the glass on the back of your phone, we can also test the usability of your phone in other areas and can diagnose any potential issues on the spot.

Drop in, call ahead or contact us online about your phone’s back glass replacement

When your iPhone is damaged, time is of the essence. You need to make sure that when the back of your iPhone is cracked, you can get it repaired quickly with no hassles. At Phone Clinic, we make it easy.

Simply visit any of our four convenient locations in Southeast Michigan, call the location of your choice, or begin your repair online today. We will review the options available to you for your iPhone broken back glass and will let you know how quickly you can expect your repair to be done.

If your iPhone’s back glass can be fixed or replaced, the technicians at Phone Clinic will get it done! All of our technicians are trained by Apple certified technicians and must complete our online training through Phone Clinic University prior to hiring.