It has happened to all of us at one point, whether dropping our phone in the sink or toilet or spilling a glass of water on our cell phone. Cell phone water damage can be one of the most stressful and frustrating things that we have to deal with. Suddenly you have a wet phone and no access to your contacts, work emails, texts, and more. 

Getting your cell phone wet is common and can be fixable

The first thing you need to do is retrieve your wet phone as quickly as possible because a matter of seconds can make the difference between being able to fix your phone and having to purchase a new one. Once retrieved, power it off immediately, remove the battery if you can, and contact the water-damaged phone repair experts at Phone Clinic. 

We understand how to carefully check your wet phone, review the damage, and determine if it can be fixed. Plus, we provide water-damaged phone repairs near metro Detroit and Southeastern Michigan for thousands of customers each year.

There is usually no “magic” solution for fixing cell phone water damage

There are plenty of online “tips” that claim to be the right solution to fix your water-damaged phone. Chances are you have been told or have read online to place your phone in a bag of rice, or to dry it off using a blow dryer. The reality is there is no single solution for a cell phone that has gotten wet. Furthermore, excess heat can further damage a wet phone and rice isn’t always a useful option.

The technicians at Phone Clinic Repair Center are trained to handle water-damaged phone repairs. It is one of the most common types of repairs we offer.  We will make every effort possible to salvage your water-damaged phone and help it return to working condition. There is no cost for us to check whether your phone is salvageable, and we stand by our work.  

Even if your cell phone gets wet, we can help save your data

Whether you have an iPhone or Android, dropping your cell phone in water or getting it wet not only can damage the phone itself, but it can threaten the ability to recover important data that you have stored there. 

In addition to handling water-damaged phone repairs, Phone Clinic’s technicians have the knowledge and tools to retrieve information stored on your phone if the water damage isn’t too severe. If so, we can transfer that data to a new device while you decide whether to keep your existing phone. Simply walk into one of our stores or mail in your device for a free estimate.

Don’t let a wet phone get you down. Whether you dropped your cell phone in water or have any type of cell phone water damage that has rendered your device useless, there is a good chance we can help. Bring in your water damaged phone to our Commerce, Novi, Rochester, or Southfield locations. You can also call your nearest store ahead of time to let us know how your cell phone got wet and we can provide advice and guidance. 

Our staff of experienced professionals is available seven days a week throughout Southeastern Michigan and can assess your cell phone’s water damage. There is no obligation to see if your phone can be repaired and you won’t have to rely on internet tips that could further damage your wet phone.