The market for selling your old mobile phone remains as competitive as ever. But with online scams for purchasing used cell phones online both common and prolific, and so many new models coming out every month, how can you know you are getting good value for selling your old mobile phone?

At Phone Clinic, we want to be your one-stop-shop for all your used cell phone needs. So, we’ll pay top dollar when you sell your iPhone or Android phone back to us. You experience no hassles – just cash back in your pocket.

Get an instant cash offer online right now!

Get an immediate quote and sell your phone for cash today!. Simply select your device, answer a few questions, and receive an offer immediately. If you’re happy with the offer for your used cell phone, mail in your device or bring it to one of our four convenient Phone Clinic locations in Southeast Michigan. We pay cash on the spot for your used cell phone.

Selling your old phone can be risky, but not with Phone Clinic

The information that is stored on your old mobile phone is like a digital fingerprint. It can show where you have gone, what your personal information is, and where you live. Too many consumers fail to remove all personal data before selling an old phone. In the wrong hands, your data – and even your personal identity – could be stolen.

Not everyone is an IT expert. At Phone Clinic, we don’t expect you to be. When you sell your used mobile phone to us, we take every precaution to make sure your information is protected. That’s because we:

  • Can help transfer any data you want to save, like photos, your address book, and your apps to a new phone.
  • Remove all data from your old phone.
  • Can make small repairs to your used mobile phone and still buy it, unlike many of our competitors.

There is a large market for used mobile phones in Southeast Michigan

With a growing supply of used cell phones and prices for new phones constantly rising, there is a big demand in Southeastern Michigan for selling your cell phone. The latest handsets continue to offer upgraded technology. But that comes at a cost, with new phones getting more expensive every year.

Many consumers and businesses that provide phones to some of their employees prefer to buy refurbished, pre-owned phones because those makes and models have exactly what they need. If you have old cell phones laying around your house, you can sell it for cash today. We’ll buy it from you without you having to worry about listing it online, connecting with the buyer and shipping it to them.

Get a competitive price for your phone and return for any repair needs

One of the best things about selling an old mobile phone back to Phone Clinic is that you will get to know all the additional services we have to offer, including the ability to repair just about any phone issue. Not only can we repair cracked and damaged iPhones, Androids, and tablets, but with four locations and a wealth of experience, our professionals can help with any device needs.

Once you get a price for selling your mobile phone online, simply mail or drop it off at any of our four convenient locations around Southeastern Michigan. Put cash in your pocket today, the easy way with no hassles. Sell your used iPhone or used Android for a fair market value.

Learn more by visiting our  Commerce, Novi, Rochester, or Southfield locations. Agree on a price online and ship or drop off your phone to us – whatever you choose. It’s the best way to sell your pre-owned cell phone.