At Phone Clinic the team of certified technicians have been specifically trained by Apple and have the experience and knowledge to complete same-day repairs on virtually any iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch device.

Best of all, Phone Clinic handles your iPhone or Apple repairs in-house for customers throughout Southeast Michigan. As a family-owned business that has been trusted by the local community since 2012, our certified Apple repair experts can fix many device problems within 30 minutes or less.

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iPhone Repairs

Our team of Phone Clinic certified technicians can fix practically any iPhone on the market. We provide same day Broken Back Glass Repair and Replacement for newer iPhones. The design of newer iPhones with back glass has been well received by consumers. The drawback is that the back glass can easily crack. Phone Clinic’s technicians have been conducting back glass replacement repairs on cell phones for our Southeast Michigan customers since Apple first began manufacturing their phones with this feature.

Cell Phone Data Recovery is another common iPhone fix. You rely on your iPhone for important work or personal information. Even though you likely have backed up your iPhone data, our technicians can help recover cell phone data at an extremely high success rate, rather than relying on do-it-yourself tools which often do not work or can even make the situation worse.

Additionally, we provide Cracked Screen Repair and Replacement services. iPhone cracked screen repair is one of the most common challenges we solve for you. Whether you need an iPhone X screen replacement, simple iPhone screen fix, or help with any other Apple device, we will complete cracked screen repairs correctly the first time, and we will get it done while you wait!

Apple Battery Replacements are also a very common repair at the Phone Clinic. Most batteries have a lifespan of about 2 years (depending on use), and not many people know that the battery is actually replaceable. Our clients love the fact that they can simply bring their Apple device into the store and our certified technicians can replace the battery on their device while they wait!

Finally, our expert technicians provide Water Damaged Cell Phone Repair services. While new iPhones offer some waterproofing capabilities, no cell phone provides complete protection from water. If your iPhone has been water damaged and you are having issues with it, let the technicians at Phone Clinic see if they can help.

In addition to services such as Battery Repair and Replacement for iPads, one of the more common fixes we provide is Charge Port Repair and Replacement. Diagnosing the issue with your charge port is usually quick and easy. It may require having one of our experts carefully clean the port area. If the damage is

more significant, we can provide or order you a new charger or port, so you will be able to charge your iPad or other Apple devices with no issues.

The specific iPhone devices that we can fix include the following:

  • iPhone 12 Pro – iPhone 12 – iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max – iPhone 11 Pro – iPhone 11
  • iPhone XS, XR, XS, and X series
  • iPhone 8 Plus – iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus – iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 series
  • iPhone SE (1st and 2nd gen) iPhone 5S – iPhone 5C – iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S – iPhone 4

We also offer Battery Repair and Replacement for iPads, Apple iPhones and any Apple device. Chances are we have the batteries in stock to get your Apple device working again in no time.

iPad Repairs

Specific iPad models we can fix include:

  • iPad Pro 9 (1st – 5th gens)
  • iPad Pro 11 (1st – 3rd gens)
  • iPad Pro 5
  • iPad Pro 7
  • iPad 8, 7, 6 & 5
  • iPad 4, 3 & 2
  • iPad Air series
  • iPad Mini series

Apple Watch Repairs

Apple Watches require many of the same repairs as other Apple devices. We conduct Cracked Screen Repair and Replacement services for your Apple Watch. We can also check to see if your watch’s data can be saved if it gets wet.

Apple Watch devices we can fix and repair include:

  • Series 6 (44 & 40 MM)
  • Series SE (44 & 40 MM)
  • Series 5 (44 & 40 MM)
  • Series 4 (44 & 40 MM)
  • Series 3 (42 & 38 MM)
  • Series 2 (42 & 38 MM)
  • Series 1 (42 & 38 MM)

Repairs for iPods

We can also fix iPods! Phone Clinic is one of the largest providers of Apple iPod repairs and in Southeast Michigan. If it is cracked or the device is simply not working, schedule your appointment to have a Phone Clinic expert review your issue. If it can be fixed, we have the knowledge to get it done. Contact us to learn more.

MacBook Repair

If you need MacBook repairs in Southeast Michigan, look no further than the Apple certified experts at Phone Clinic. We offer a wide range of repair services to bring your favorite Mac devices back to life so that you can remain both productive and creative. Our professional technicians are always ready to fix your MacBook or Apple desktop with an inventory of device parts from screens and batteries to MacBook charging ports and reliable, high-quality hard drives. We can make repairs that direct Apple professionals can’t!

When you bring your MacBook to Phone Clinic, you can feel confident in knowing that it is being handled by the most qualified technicians in the Detroit area. Whether you need help with your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or Classic MacBook, our professionals can diagnose your issue and make a recommendation to fit the situation. Many repairs can be handled within five to 10 days..

You can start the process of getting your MacBook repair scheduled by filling out our convenient online form. Our team is the go-to experts for any type of MacBook repair. Rely on the best to ensure your MacBook investment is preserved.

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Whether you need an iPhone screen repair, iPhone battery replacement or any type of Apple Watch or iPad repair, we can help. Phone Clinic is your Apple repair supercenter serving customers in metro Detroit. We are open seven days a week with locations in Commerce, Southfield, Novi, and Rochester in Southeast Michigan.