The cost of a new cell phone can be extremely prohibitive. Plus, the technology available in gently used cell phones likely provides you everything you need from texting and apps to camera functionality and email.

Buying your used mobile cell phone is extremely affordable with Phone Clinic. We have the highest quality used iPhones for sale and a wide array of the best used cell phone deals you can find anywhere. You won’t need to go anywhere else to get the used mobile phone you need when you need it.

The largest selection of used cell phones in Michigan

Why spend up to or more than $1,000 on a “new” cell phone? You can buy a Certified Pre-Owned cell phone for hundreds of dollars less simply by asking about our huge inventory of used iPhones for sale. If you have a make and model in mind, chances are we have it ready and waiting for you; and if we don’t, we can usually get one delivered. In addition to used iPhones, we carry Samsung, Google, Nokia, LG, Motorola- a full range of other branded Android phones to fit your style and your budget.

No matter which carrier you partner with, you’ll pick from a large selection of used cell phones at Phone Clinic. We are carrier agnostic, meaning no matter who you get your service from, we’ve got the used cell phone for you.

There are many reasons to consider a Certified Pre-Owned cell phone

The most notable reason for purchasing a used cell phone is that you will save money. Plus, you won’t be hampered by a long-term contract where you are essentially renting out your phone while paying a premium price. Just like when buying a used tablet, you may not even need all the features that a slightly newer and much more expensive model will offer.

Here are additional benefits when you purchase a used cell phone at Phone Clinic:

  • You may be able to get more storage for less money with older models.
  • A brand-new used cell phone, like a car or truck, depreciates as soon as you leave the store. A high-quality used iPhone or Android will maintain its value.
  • Insurance (if you choose to get it on your cell phone) is much cheaper.
  • Repairs may also be cheaper if it gets damaged after you buy your used cell phone.

We inspect every used cell phone we sell

With us, you won’t just get any old cell phone to purchase. Every single used cell phone we sell must pass a 15-point inspection. Additionally, every phone is backed by either a manufacturer or Phone Clinic’s own comprehensive warranty so you can have the confidence knowing that your used cell phone comes with added protection for you and your pocketbook.

Plus, Phone Clinic has been selling high-quality used mobiles phones since 2012. We are the go-to for our customers in Metro Detroit.

Come in and see for yourself

Phone Clinic has three convenient locations to serve our Southeastern Michigan customers where you can search for and buy a used mobile phone that works for you. It’s a great option for children as well, as buying a used cell phone for them will limit your financial exposure if they drop or break it (and you know they probably will).

Learn more by visiting our Commerce, Novi, Rochester, Southfield locations or contacting us at 248-716-9069. We encourage you to call ahead and see if we have the make and model of used mobile phone that you want.

Our staff of experienced professionals will make sure that you will get the best used cell phone deal anywhere. Contact Phone Clinic Repair Center today to get started!