LG phones continue to be popular with many consumers who want to maintain the same device for a significant period of time. Fortunately keeping your phone in prime working condition is easy with the help of the LG cell phone repair and replacement experts at Phone Clinic. We also carry or know where to find the parts needed for most LG cell phones and will complete the repairs onsite with our own highly trained and certified professionals.

Whether you have a G Series, V Series or K Series screen replacement need or other LG repair, Phone Clinic makes it an easy and hassle-free process. Our LG experts have been the trusted source for all LG cell phone repairs, often within 30 minutes or less, since 2012.

Common LG Phone Repair Needs

If you need battery repair and replacement, or batteries for your LG smartphone, we can help! This is a common repair need that may be obvious once you notice your phone is charging slowly or that its battery life is decreasing. We will assess your LG cell phone and determine a diagnosis.

LG mobile cracked screen repair and replacement is another common fix that we regularly handle. It is important to ensure these repairs are handled correctly the first time, because there is nothing more frustrating than a cracked screen impacting the use of your LG smartphone. If you need LG K51 screen replacement or require customized help with your G Series, Stylo Series or V Series phones near Commerce, Novi, Rochester, and Southfield, or anywhere in Southeast Michigan, we can help.

Your LG cell phone can be your connection to your social and work circle so losing important data from phone numbers to work documents to photos can be exasperating. That’s why it helps to know the technicians at Phone Clinic can offer cell phone data recovery services that can often restore your LG smartphone the way you want it, rather than relying on rumors or online suggestions from some nameless, faceless person for recovering lost data.

Another common need you may have is water damaged cell phone repair services. If your phone has spent a few seconds or a few minutes in water, we can see if a fix is possible. Some LG smartphones are waterproof but prolonged water can impact your phone’s ability to function properly regardless of its waterproof status.

Finally, there can be a wide range of other LG cell phone repairs needed that the professionals at Phone Clinic can assist with, whether you are having issues turning your phone on or off, your phone speakers aren’t working properly, or your charging port needs cleaning or a replacement. You count on your LG cell phone to be in proper working condition every day, so rely on Phone Clinic to provide LG phone repairs to keep your phone working however long you need it.