Your MacBook is not just a tool to get things done. It is an investment in your work, school, creativity and much more. With it, you can create amazing things. To do so, however, your MacBook needs to be operating at peak condition. So, if you ever have issues with your MacBook, you need the reliable experts at Phone Clinic to make the necessary repairs.

Our Apple Certified technicians have years of experience repairing iMacs and MacBooks of any make and model. We utilize the same tools and techniques followed by Apple to ensure the same high-quality level of service is available when repairing your devices, and we can often make MacBook repairs while still preserving your data! If your MacBook is not working correctly, you need help fast so you can get back to being productive.

There are many types of MacBook repair services we offer throughout Southeast Michigan.

MacBook Data Recovery Services

Our data recovery services will help in restoring your photos, music files,​ documents, and — as a general rule — the most important files you need. We can even make MacBook repairs that direct Apple repair professionals can’t do. As long as the data is actually recoverable, we will track it down. Many of our customers rely on their MacBook for everyday use. We are here to help!

Hard Drive Repair for MacBooks

If your MacBook hard drive is corrupted or is simply giving you issues, the team of qualified technicians at Phone Clinic can diagnose the problem. If repairs are possible, our team will get it done so you can use your MacBook with confidence!

Laptop Screen Repair

While MacBooks are made with high-quality screens, they can become damaged if the laptop is dropped. We can repair your MacBook screen just like we fix or replace screens for other Apple devices like the iPhone or iPad. Our experienced professionals know how to repair your laptop screen in most cases.

Virus & Malware Removal

There is no greater danger to your MacBook than a virus or malware. If you notice or suspect any related issues with your MacBook, bring it in to Phone Clinic and we will scan and repair it as needed.

Charging Port Repair

Whether through damage or just wear and tear, the charging port for your MacBook may be giving you issues, even though the rest of your laptop is working well. Our experts can either repair your MacBook or install replacement parts that will do the trick.

Hard Drive Installation

Want a new hard drive or perhaps your old one failed? If so, we can safely and quickly install a new hard drive to give you more space and power to complete your projects.

Battery Replacement

If your MacBook does not keep a charge for very long, you may need a MacBook battery replacement to allow you the freedom of working unplugged. We have a large stock of batteries available in-house and can order about any type of MacBook battery online.

Water Damage Repair

We all know water is never good for electronics. If your MacBook has been sitting in water for an extended period of time, or is not working properly after getting slightly wet, the team at Phone Clinic can assess the issue and repair your water-damaged MacBook if it is fixable.

MacBook Repairs Are What We Do

Other issues with your MacBook can arise as well. Whether your on/off button is not working properly, or your speakers are sounding a bit tinny, we can resolve the issue. We might be able to save you money and complete a basic repair for little or no charge.

Among the specific MacBooks that we can fix include the following:

MacBook Pro

  • Pro 16” (A2485)
  • Pro 16” (A2141)
  • Pro 15” (A1260)
  • Pro 14” (A2442)
  • Pro 13” (A2338)
  • Pro 13” (A2289)
  • Pro 13” (A2251)
  • Pro 13” (A2159)
  • Pro Touch Bar 15” (A1990)
  • Pro Touch Bar 15” (A1707)
  • Pro Touch Bar 13” (A1989)
  • Pro Touch Bar 13” (A1706)
  • Pro Retina 15” (A1398)
  • Pro Retina 13” (A1708)
  • Pro Retina 13” (A1502)
  • Pro Retina 13” (A1425)
  • Pro Unibody 17” (A1297)
  • Pro Unibody 15” (A1286)
  • Pro Unibody 13” (A1278)

MacBook Air

  • Air 13” (A2337)
  • Air 13” (A2179)
  • Air 13” (A1932)
  • Air 13” (A1466)
  • Air 13” (A1369)
  • Air 13” (A1304)
  • Air 13” (A1237)
  • Air 11” (A1465)
  • Air 11” (A1370)


  • 13” (A1181)
  • Retina 12” (A1534)
  • Unibody 13” (A1342)
  • Unibody 13” (A1278)

If it is a MacBook, the team at Phone Clinic can fix it, often within 5 to 10 days. Don’t trust your MacBook repair to just any team – go with the experts!

MacBook repairs are easy with the help of Phone Clinic

MacBook repairs are often painless and hassle-free because of the collective expertise of the Apple certified technicians at Phone Clinic. Visit any of our Southeast Michigan Phone Clinic repair locations in Southfield, Commerce, Novi, and Rochester. We are open seven days a week for MacBook repairs or any other Apple component replacement needs.

If you have a MacBook that needs repairs, Phone Clinic is your go-to solutions provider. Call any of our four convenient locations or visit us online to get started on your repair today.