Your mobile phone and tablet are two of the most valuable pieces of equipment you own when you consider how much you rely on them. They hold valuable work information, personal apps, your virtual rolodex and much more.

When those devices get damaged, you need an affordable, reliable option for getting it fixed right the first time. If you have a cracked phone or tablet screen and need either repair or replacement services, let the experts at Phone Clinic come to the rescue.

The most reliable cracked screen repair experts in Southeast Michigan

It has happened to all of us: the dreaded iPhone or mobile phone cracked screen. It can prevent us from connecting with our family and friends. We feel naked without our apps, and access to important information on our devices.

The team at Phone Clinic can repair just about any issue you may have, including a cracked phone screen or cracked tablet or iPad screen. We have been working with clients throughout Southeastern Michigan since 2012 and many repairs can be completed within 30 minutes or less! Our clients have come to rely on our expertise and knowledge and for making repairs quickly, so you can get back to your life. So, if your Apple iPhone or iPad has a cracked screen, make sure we’re your first call. All of our technicians are trained by Apple certified technicians and must complete our online training through Phone Clinic University prior to hiring.

Don’t settle for just any cracked cell phone screen expert

There are likely other businesses near you that claim to provide cracked screen repairs for your cell phones or tablets. But Phone Clinic’s services and expertise should give you the confidence in knowing that your device will be fixed properly the first time.

  • We carry a huge selection of high-quality parts and batteries.
  • We hire and train the most knowledgeable technicians in metro Detroit.
  • Our prices are not only competitive but affordable.
  • You’ll find that wait times to fix your device are often less than you’ll find elsewhere (that’s because we conducted cracked screen repairs and battery replacements in-house rather than outsourcing like many other businesses).

Start the process of fixing your cracked screen from the comforts of home

We make repairing your cracked iPhone screen or damaged Samsung, Google or other Android phone screens easy. You can start the repair here by answering five questions that will take just a few minutes of your time. Once our repair technicians have this information, they can determine if any specific parts may be needed and can order them ahead of time so that your repair will be expedited when you bring in your device.

We can even get your repair started by phone. Simply call the Phone Clinic location most convenient for you and we’ll start your repair. There is no easier way to get your cracked phone screen or cracked tablet screen repaired conveniently and correctly – the first time!

Even if it looks bad, chances are we can still fix your cracked screen

Your mobile phone’s screen might look shattered, but there’s a good chance that we can fix- or replace- the cracked mobile phone screen for your iPhone, Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, or phone of any brand. Plus, not only do we fix tablets, but we also can fix many drones that have been damaged.

Where can I find a cracked screen repair near me?

It’s simple. Phone Clinic has four convenient locations to serve you in Southeastern Michigan where our professionals are all capable of fixing your cracked iPhone or Android cell phone or tablet screen.

Learn more by visiting our Commerce, Novi, Rochester, or Southfield locations. Or call ahead and give us the details about your device. We can start the process immediately.